Marshall McLean

Photo Credit: Sonny Moeckel

" Art creates space in a community that didn't exist before, a place to ponder, sing along or feel breathless in the face of beauty. "

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John Holmgren: Selected Works @Bryan Oliver Gallery

November 10, 2015 - January 29, 2016
Whitworth University 300 W Hawthorne Rd.

The work of John Holmgren explores connections to and experiences of place, landscape, environment, time and memory. He often uses mixed media in his work to suggest the layering of information we compile within our experiences and our memories. The layering in the work is an attempt to bring the viewer into his or her own complicated experience of these places and suggest the complexity of how we come to know a place.

Opening Reception on Tues, Nov 10, 5-6 pm, with a lecture at 6 pm.


In Search of lost time @ the chase gallery

This exhibit pays homage to Robert (Bob) Gilmore and his long lineage as a teacher of painting in Spokane for over 40 years. Bob has a passion for painting which he has devoted the majority of his life’s pursuit. He has contributed greatly to the craft and to our region, by teaching this pursuit to a great number of talented and passionate painters who studied with him over the years.Artists: Bob Gilmore

Artists exhibiting: Bob Gilmore, Ken Spiering, Dan Spalding, Katey Mandley, Abigail Mcallum, Jon Yerden, andJohn Deroulet