Tod Marshall

"The world of art can be both a terrifying and intoxicating place wherein many of us first realize the importance of what I’ll call an inner life—a life that feels the spiritual, senses great intensity of emotion, recognizes well made form and shape, engages the awful energies of the intellect, perhaps even the soul.


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Symphony with a splash

April 15th, @ Martin Woldson Theater at The Fox/ 1001 W. Sprague Ave.
Windoe Performs @ 5:30pm, followed by the Spokane Symphony from 7-8pm

$25 per ticket

Experience the art of one of our Commissioners--Bartlett founder, graphic designer and incredible musician Karli Ingersoll--when she shakes things up (not just the martinis) at "Symphony with a Splash" this Friday, April 15 at 5:30pm at The Fox. Her band Windoe will fill the Art Deco gem that is the Fox theater with her ethereal harmonies. Then the award-winning Spokane Symphony takes the stage from 7-8pm to perform an eclectic mini-concert of traditional and modern classical music.


50 hour slam

A Time Based Filmmaking Competition & Festival in Spokane

Bing Crosby Theater I 901 W. Sprague Ave.

Friday, May 7th, from 6-10pm. The 50 Hour Slam Audience Screening is set to rock the house! A variety of artistic talents will gather under the Bing Crosby Theater's roof for a rocking good show! Tickets are available in advance at the 50 Hour Slam website for $10 or you can purchase at the door for $12. See what the top 15 films that Spokane's own creatives have produced, as well as who will be the Twitter competition winner! Stick around after the screening to find out who will win the coveted Septi, Hip Clip and Slammy Awards, as well as Best Editorial, Cinematography, Actor, Actress, and more.