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Eligible applications for any amount up to and including $10,000 accepted until 11:59pm October 1.

Awards announced in December.

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Join in the celebration at the annual Arts Awards!

Spokane Arts is excited to host the annual Arts Awards—a celebration of the arts community in Spokane! Join us on Saturday, September 28, at Lucky You Lounge (21+ only) for interactive art, live musical performances, delicious food, poetry (and the announcement of the next Spokane Poet Laureate!), plus the presentation of the Arts Awards with host comedian Casey Strain!




4 TO 7 P.M.

Open Call for Poetry at the Podium!

Spokane Arts, in partnership with Spokane Poet Laureate Mark Anderson and Spokane City Council, currently has an open call for Poetry at the Podium, an opportunity for poets to read their work at City Council meetings. After the Pledge of Allegiance, during Words of Inspiration, each poet will represent Spokane poets and writers by reading a single poem in front of the Council. This call will be ongoing throughout 2019 and will offer 30+ poets the opportunity to read. Interested poets are asked to submit a single poem, less than three minutes in length, for review and approval. Please email with any questions. For further information and to submit, click below.

Open Call for the next Spokane Poet Laureate!

The Poet Laureate program celebrates Spokane’s vibrant literary community and aims to strengthen the future of literary arts in our city by engaging a broad range of communities. The two-year Poet Laureate post will serve as a cultural ambassador for both the written form and spoken word, and conduct participatory, engaging public events to engage constituents city-wide. 

As both a local resident and a distinguished poet, the Poet Laureate will represent and celebrate the rich literary history and the diversity of Eastern Washington. As a spokesperson for the area’s literary community, the Poet Laureate will help reinforce the role of literature in civic life and will actively participate in ceremonial, educational and cultural activities in the community during the  term of service. The Poet Laureate program is administered by Spokane Arts. Interested poets must submit their own application; there is no nomination process. 

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The deadline to apply for being the next Poet Laureate is September 13. The selected Poet will be announced at the Arts Awards on September 28 and they’ll begin their 2 year term on November 1, 2019!


Watch the latest Meet the Makers film!

Season 2, Episode 2 : Girl, Awake!

Featuring: Girl, Awake founder & director Brooke Bassett and members of the Girl, Awake cast. Produced and directed by Rebecca Cook; director of photography: Madison Cattle


Music Video Jams is a music video festival and competition featuring new work created by collaborating local filmmakers and musicians.

In the hopes to continue to promote and infuse art of the Spokane region, The Bartlett, Global Credit Union, Homegrown Radio show, KYRS, CMTV14, Spokane Arts and Purple Crayon Pictures have come together to create Spokane’s first music video competition! For this annual event, local filmmakers and musicians are introduced to each other and asked to collaborate on a music video for an original song by the musicians/bands.

Join us at The Bartlett to screen this year’s six music videos, watch the live judging for the Judges’ Award, and help choose the People’s Choice Award winner!

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“Rooted and Soaring”

New artwork by Shani Marchant and Lea Anne Scott Lake

Sponsored by City of Spokane and Spokane Arts

Artwork on both the north and south ends of the University District Gateway Bridge was installed this week by Garco Construction as part of their finishing touches on the overall bridge project.  “Rooted and Soaring” are two iconic, polished steel structures. These works will be dedicated in a bridge ceremony planned for Tuesday, May 7 from 1-2 p.m. More details on the ceremony and associated community activities will be available soon.  

The sculptures were designed by Spokane artists Lea Anne Scott Lake and Shani Marchant during the design phase of the bridge. Shani Marchant is a Spokane painter and artist known for watercolors and oil paintings. Her artistic partner on this project, Lea Anne Scott Lake, passed away in 2015. Prior to her death, Lea Anne created numerous public art works around the U.S. 

Art selection was facilitated by Spokane Arts in cooperation with the City of Spokane in 2014.  The Art Selection Committee for the University District Gateway Bridge included members of the University District Board, WSU Riverpoint Campus Administration, the bridge engineering team, landscape architects and the Spokane Arts Commission.  

Karen Mobley, who administered the art selection process on behalf of Spokane Arts, observed that the sculptures are “abstract work based on two concepts which are the titles of the pieces. Rooted is about weight. Soaring is about movement. The character of the piece is about the materials; the shine of the steel and reflective qualities which allow the viewer to see themselves and the surroundings. The two shapes echo one another.” 

Public art in the city of Spokane is administered and maintained by Spokane Arts, a 501c3 nonprofit organization, in coordination with the city of Spokane. In addition to the new sculptures at the University District Gateway Bridge, Spokane Arts recently partnered with the Public Facilities District to install new artwork in the lobby of the First Interstate Center for the Arts, featuring multiple hanging sculptures designed by local artist team Bill & Karma Simmons. This spring, community members will also see 25 new art wraps designed by local artists on utility and electrical boxes, as well as the installation of three new murals by Spokane Arts before the end of the year.