Tod Marshall

"The world of art can be both a terrifying and intoxicating place wherein many of us first realize the importance of what I’ll call an inner life—a life that feels the spiritual, senses great intensity of emotion, recognizes well made form and shape, engages the awful energies of the intellect, perhaps even the soul.


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May 27th, @The Fox / 1001 W. Sprague Ave.
Spokane Symphony + Terrain @ 7pm, tickets start at $15.00

Featuring the talents of: Von The Baptist (Rock). Mama Doll (Indie). The Divine Jewels (Performance Art). Liz Rognes (Songwriter). Ellen Welker (Poet). Tobias Hendrickson (Sound +Design). Alan Chatham (Interactive + Projection). Simeon Mills (Fiction). Hon Deviny (Design). Vincas Danse Matters Greene (Dance). Spokane Symphony led by Maestro Eckart Preu. Presenting Sponsor: INB.


the bridge

A ground breaking interfaith East-West contemporary art exhibit featuring 47 premier Christian, Muslim, and Jewish artists.

June 3- June 30 | St. John's Cathedral I 127 East 12th Ave.

The BRIDGE is an East-West traveling art exhibition organized and curated by CARAVAN, an interreligious and intercultural peacebuilding NGO. It showcases the work of 47 contemporary visual artists from 15 countries.