Current Exhibition: Julie Gautier-Downes Dislocated Memories

Image: Jaqueline Boden

Image: Jaqueline Boden

July 5th - September 29th | M - F  8 AM - 5 PM
RECEPTION: FRIDAY, September 7th | 5 PM- 8 PM

The Chase Gallery is excited to reveal the installation, Dislocated Memories, by Julie Gautier-Downes. The entire gallery will be occupied by a room, recreated from the artist’s childhood. In this artwork, analogy and realism are interchangeable, encouraging the viewer to walk into a strange memory. Gautier-Downes will construct the space on-site, expanding her artist practice of “investigating traces [of home] left to become artifacts of the past.”

The Tableaux Series will be on display in addition to the main installation. Each tableau is a recreation of a space that the artist has visited or occupied. They represent a study of trauma and loss, yet are remarkably comforting with subtle nostalgia. The audience is invited to engage with each piece as much or little as they want, to deepen their appreciation of home, or find empathy with those who have lost theirs.

“Since I arrived in Spokane, two years ago, I have worked tirelessly to get traction and share my creations with the Spokane community. I have had a wonderful experience showing throughout town in some excellent art spaces. Exhibiting these installations in the Chase Gallery feels like the culmination of two years of hard work.”  - Julie Gautier-Downes

Her process involves documenting or recreating deserted houses and abandoned items that allude to family life. The spaces she records seem to be in a perpetual state of disarray, imbuing the notion that a single event stimulated the need for the inhabitants to leave hastily. We hope our viewers stay to investigate.

Julie Gautier-Downes received Washington State Artist Trust GAP funding for Dislocated Memories.

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