Current Exhibition: "FLOURISH"


CHASE GALLERY | 808 W. SPOKANE FALLS BLVD., Lower Level inside City Hall
April 4 - June 29, 2018 | M - F  8 AM - 5 PM

The Chase Gallery Presents: Flourish
Featured Artists: Melinda Hurst Frye, Tara McDermott, and MegganJoy

‘Flourish’ is a group show combining the separate work of Melinda Hurst Frye, Tara McDermott, and Meggan Joy; three female photographers from Seattle, Washington, whose work revolves around the narrative of the natural world. 

As each photographer's approach to the subject matter varies, so does the resulting work. Tara McDermott's images are refined portraits of nature; the photographs are made with a vintage film-based Hasselblad medium-format camera which she uses to isolate simple details found in her environment. Melinda Hurst Frye combines scans and photographs to build scenes of our immediate spaces, inhabitants, and cycles, constructing larger than life insight to the ecosystems around us. Meggan Joy takes the traditional documentary medium of photography and forces it instead to depict her surreal subjects, digitally collaging individual photographs of various flora and fauna together to create her unfamiliar world.

Each artist uses their surrounding environment as visual language, swirling together narrative, study and tension. While the methods and intentions vary, the three bodies of work share a common thread between medium and subject matter that keeps their imagery cohesive and fundamentally related.

‘Flourish’ provides an opportunity to plainly view the comradery and contrast between these different creators, their work and unique visions, as well as challenge the viewer to contemplate the significance of their various approaches to the natural world.

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