Asking Madeline McNeill what drives her to create and perform her work is a multitude of connecting factors that have shaped her as a performer and a philosopher. Coming from an analytical background may not come across at first glance with many of her expressive and whimsical performances. However with her formal training in opera, McNeill investigates her own body and muscles in a way that utilizes her body as efficiently as possible. She focuses on emotions and how they are created by the body. By doing so, she can exercise a specific emotion to express through her vocals. Through her work, McNeill wants to break down barriers and get people to think in a new way. This can occur by her juxtaposed performances that aren’t always what the audience would have expected, such as singing opera at a farmer’s market. By doing so, she is able to bend the class system expectation that opera is meant to be enjoyed on an elevated setting, and bringing it into an everyday arena. McNeill has found that by breaking down these sorts of barriers, that her emotionally charged voice has the desired effect of connecting with her viewers. The largest driving desire McNeill wants is to be authentic. This authenticity is another important factor when it comes to connecting with viewers on the emotional level. Just as all artists should, McNeill is always experimenting with new vocal techniques and ways of presenting in her performances. Be sure to check out her website for more information and videos of past performances.