Family was what brought Elise Raimi and Stacey Conner together, and what started as a love for journaling and sharing non-fictional stories from both had forged the beginning connection towards “Listen To Your Mother”.

The parallels between Elise Raimi and Stacey Conner are fascinating. Both have degrees that are outside of the creative writing realm, (Conner with Law school and Raimi in Public Health), however the passion for recording their experiences was always there and always will. They also had bonded over having kids of the same age, having Jewish fathers, transracial families, and the shocking transition from accomplished professional to stay at home mom. 

Currently “Listen To Your Mother” is their largest undertaking, however they also have been teaching classes on writing personal narrative non-fiction with their writing group called “Creativity Salon” which they plan to continue on into the future. “Teaching these classes and running LTYM has instilled in me the belief that storytelling is a powerful force for both the teller and the audience.  Once you know someone's story it is much harder to judge them. This generosity and empathy of understanding can extend to friends, family and strangers and a true understand and care of those around us can, I believe, lead to amazing social change.” – Elise Raimi

Auditions for "Listen to Your Mother" in Spokane have closed, however the chance to hear the  stories that did make it is coming up on May 2017!