Spokane arts is seeking:

  • Create Spokane Community Partners - Spokane Arts is currently coordinating the second annual Create Spokane Arts Month for October 2015.  Artists, arts organizations, arts businesses, creatives and instigators of all stripes are encouraged to submit their events or community partner listings for the month of October through www.submittable.com. All events and/or listings will be included in our promotional materials on the web and through social media, sponsored media and other earned media under the umbrella of Create Spokane. Deadline for submissions is September 1st, 2015.
  • Arts Awards 2015 Nominations - We welcome any nomination that celebrates the wealth of participation in Spokane’s arts ecosystem.  You may nominate an artist, volunteer, neighborhood, educator, organization, community leader, donor, business or any other entity which you feel deserves recognition.  Emerging or established, young or old, on the edge or in the center – If you have nominated a person or organization in the past that has not received an award, you are welcome to nominate them again. You may submit as many Arts Awards nominations as you’d like. 
  • Open Call Submissions for the Chase Gallery - Proposals can come from individual artists, groups of artists, art associations or affiliations, or curators from the Inland Northwest region of Washington, Idaho and Oregon.  The gallery has limited equipment for digital media and limited sculpture display cases.   Extremely small works and jewelry are not appropriate. All artworks are insured by the City of Spokane while on exhibit but artworks in transit must be insured by the owner or representative of the artwork. Proposals will be reviewed by the Programming (Exhibiting) Committee of the Spokane Arts Commission for the 2016 and 2017 exhibition years. Deadline for submission will be August 14th, 2015 at 5pm.
  • Spokane's Second Poet Laureate - The Spokane Arts Commission, on behalf of the greater Spokane region, seeks nominations for the position of Spokane Poet Laureate. The person selected will join the Arts Commission in promoting and supporting an appreciation of literary arts throughout the greater Spokane community.The purpose of the Poet Laureate will be to articulate what it’s like to be a part of Spokane, to reflect our people and the essence of life in the greater Spokane region. The person selected will help us come together as a community to express ourselves and share our vitality and unique qualities with the world outside Eastern Washington. Nominations to be accepted July 6th through August 20th, 2015.


All nominations and submissions should be processed through: https://spokanearts.submittable.com/submit



Convention Center Completion – Public Art

Spokane Arts manages public art and 1% for art projects for the City of Spokane and the Spokane Public Facilities District. In early 2015, we dedicated a suite of new artworks for the Convention Center Completion. Seen here is Memory and Hope, an artwork by Steve Adams. 

This fabric sculpture is made from light reflective fabrics, aluminum and programmed LED lights which create an undulating pattern on the surface of the fabrics.
Steve Adams says, “My inspiration for this work springs from the fact that salmon were in my back yard swimming up Latah Creek less than 100 years ago.  The memory of those fish gives me hope for their eventual return to the river.”

Steve Adams has lived and worked in Spokane for many years.  He is best known for his blown and cast glass art works.  He is represented by Art Spirit Gallery in Coeur D’Alene.  He has large scale works at the Spokesman Review Print Facility, the Spokane International Airport, Fire Station #1, and the Hillyard Library.

Temporary Mural at the Tribal Gathering Place at Huntington Park

In the act of making a memorial, we create a focus for our remembrance to honor the deceased. In this spirit, artist Ryan Feddersen lead a community-enacted temporary mural, 900* horses, in the Tribal Gathering Plaza at Huntington Park to commemorate the horses and acknowledge the scale of the loss to tribes. From June 20th through 28th, 2015, participants of all ages were invited to honor the horses by claiming a single figure of a horse to illustrate with care using a liquid chalk medium. Together, through concentrated attention on creating an effigy for each of the approximately 900 horses, the memorial symbolically recognizes the individual lives, the scale of the event, and its significance.