Feb / 3 + 4 + 5 / 2017

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SATURATE is a city-wide collaboration calling attention to Spokane's diverse yet under-recognized artists. For the Visual Arts Tour in February arts venues large and small will simultaneously feature artwork, curatorial projects, and performances by Artists of Color. Your participation, and every artist and venue joining in, will help deepen the conversation on race, identity, and culture in our city and beyond.  

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                       Participating Venues and Artists

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May Kytonen, Various works at the Chase Gallery

May Kytonen, Various works at the Chase Gallery


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I found out about Saturate during a crossroads in my art making practice. After living in Spokane for two years, I found myself in a crisis of belonging and questioning, wrestling with whether I could stay long term in Spokane as an Asian American, let alone as an artist, and asking questions about how (and if) my work and story mattered in this place.

Having a city wide initiative like Saturate is one of the reasons I have begun to feel that staying in Spokane is a real possibility for myself, and that I can hope for the thriving of myself and other artists and people of color in the Inland Northwest. I feel honored and encouraged to be included in the Chase Gallery’s Drawn Away exhibit and for the opportunity to share and connect with others.
— May Kytonen