October 7, 8,9 2016. 


Spokane Visual Arts Tour occurs in October and February of each year.


Jundt Art Museum

200 E Desmet Ave

Art Tour Dates: October 7, 10AM - 9PM; October 8, 10AM- 4PM

Exhibition Dates: September 17 - December 17, 2016

Regular Hours: 10AM- 4PM Mon-Sat.

Exhibition Title: Roman Myths and Mythmaking

Featured Artists: Co-curators: Andrew Goldman, Paul Manoguerra

This show will focus on the theme of Roman myths and myth-making, using daily objects such as statues, lamps, coins, bronze statuettes, and signet rings to explore how the ancient Romans perceived their past and their religion within their daily lives. Issues which will be explored include the origins of Roman religion and myth, Roman perception of their past, personal tastes and patronage, and the character of everyday Roman material culture. In addition, the show will explore not just how the Romans themselves perceived their religious world and their past (creating their own identity through the propagation of mythical stories and religious figures), but also how the ancient Romans, their myths and religion have been perceived, portrayed and interpreted in later periods, through varying media such as personal objects, graphic art and film.

More info: Dr. Andy Goldman will conduct a walk-through of the exhibition at 11am on Saturday, October 8.