Don+Julia Photography

Spokane Arts was given the chance to interview the amazing photographers; Don Derosier and Julia Derosier. Before they had even met, both already had an interest and love for photography. Julia’s experience started back in high school and university. She actually started with a focus on painting and graphic design, but photography became prominent. “Photography captures the physical world. There is a challenge when working with what is physically there,” Julia told Spokane Arts.

Don’s interest in photography started to take him down his career path after a study abroad program took him out of Alaska and landed him in Australia. He started learning the ins and outs on wedding photography there with a group of seasoned photographers. Don came back to the States and that was about the time he and Julia met.

The start of their photography career involved summer wedding photography in Alaska, and when winter hit, they would fly down to Australia for the summer sessions down there. They were in a perpetual summer. However that wasn’t a feasible way for sustaining a business. They knew they wanted to move out of Alaska and move to Washington state, but they weren’t sure where. It was actually one of their brides that they were photographing that gave them her suggestion of Spokane. It has now been two years since Don and Julia moved from Alaska to Spokane, their home and base of operations for Don + Julia Photography. Don + Julia Photography is located above the Bartlett. They are members of the Richmond Art Collective and enjoy the collaborative nature of the space.

A fascinating and fun project of Don + Julia Photography is the Space Hero Mission. This concept started three years and the idea came about from T.V. The starting point was this space suit they had found online and taking it to different places that they travel to. They keep the images open to interpretation, but something they noticed when wearing the suit or when others wore it is this moment of isolation inside the suit. Although isolated and even alien to the location, there is a sense of having to find your way to being comfortable with it, despite the strangeness. 

Find more about the Space Hero Mission here and follow their Instagram here.

Find more about Don + Julia Photography here and follow their Instagram here