Join us at The Bartlett on Sunday, September 8th for the second annual Music Video Jams! Screen this year’s six music videos, watch the live judging for the Judges’ Award, and help choose the People’s Choice Award winner!

Music Video Jams is a music video festival and competition featuring new work created by collaborating local filmmakers and musicians. In the hopes to continue to promote and infuse art of the Spokane region, The Bartlett, Global Credit Union, Homegrown Radio show, KYRS, CMTV14, Spokane Arts and Purple Crayon Pictures have come together to create Spokane’s first music video competition! For this annual event, local filmmakers and musicians are introduced to each other and asked to collaborate on a music video for an original song by the musicians/bands. The teams are matched up and have begun working on their music videos! They have only 2 weeks to complete and submit them!

This year’s collaborating musicians/bands and filmmakers:

Heat Speak- Frances Minigan (film)Ray Badness- Aric Spence & Rob Lindner (film)
RAIYMEK DE LA ROSE- Michael Notar (film)
Mr. Sletner- Levi Isaacs (film)
Mountains in the Sea - Nicolas Hinman (film)
B Radicals - Jessica Earle (film)


Are you a participant in the event? Here’s the info and forms you need!