Volunteer with Spokane Arts!

Volunteer Opportunities:

Volunteering with Spokane Arts is a great way to contribute to your community.  There are a number of ways to support Spokane Arts:

Events and Reception:

Our Events and Reception Volunteers assist in all areas of Spokane Arts’ events, from instillation to take down, including food and beverage service. These positions may involve setting up seating, beer gardens, bars, or food service areas, as well as greeting guests, attending to artists, and serving food and drinks. Events and Reception Volunteers have the opportunity to commit to a regular event, such as the First Friday Openings of our quarterly exhibitions at the Chase Gallery or sign-up for individual events like the Pie&Whiskey book release or (another event). 

Communications and Clerical Volunteer:

As a Communications and Operations Volunteer you may have the opportunity to contribute to Spokane Art’s electronic newsletter and social media profiles, help us maintain our data bases, help distribute flyers and provide general office support to our team. Our Communications and Clerical Volunteers are responsible for distributing the Sculpture Walk Guide and other print publications about the arts to local restaurants, hotels, coffee shops and other businesses.

General Installation Volunteer:

As part of a dynamic city and arts environment, Spokane Arts is always looking for help in installing, moving, and tearing down art exhibitions. General Instillation Volunteers help maintain and produce the physical arts in Spokane. Volunteers will have opportunities to maintain the Spokane Arts’ signal box program, mobile murals program, or even assist an artist in building a mural. Additionally, you may be asked to help in the installation or take down of gallery exhibitions. 

Arts Selection Volunteer:

Although all volunteer opportunities with Spokane Arts impact your local arts community, volunteering as an Arts Selection Volunteer is a fun way to help contribute directly to what art you community receives. As an Arts Selection Volunteer, you will vote on public arts projects. We need neighborhood representatives for most of our projects.

Arts Commission Volunteers:

If you are interested in serving on the Spokane Arts Commission, whose mission it is to promote and enhance the quality, accessibility and presence of the arts in Spokane, you may pick up an application at The Mayor’s office or download and application from spokanecity.org. Spokane Arts Commission Volunteers are appointed by the mayor and confirmed by the city council.

 Additional Support:

There are lots of other ways to support and participate in your local arts community through Spokane Arts. Help us with outreach, hosting special events, or other jobs that make Spokane Arts thrive. Whatever your commitment, talent, or abilities we are grateful for your contributions.